All your unwanted items will have a second Life and more and providing Families in Senegal with all that is needed for daily life like any other family in the world.

Sadly there are still many people that don't have the means of even the way of finding the means to provide for their families: #povertyisreal

We are enriching their lives. And reducing the waste stream in Gibraltar as many of these items would have ended up in landfill.


Drop off points

  • Ecopark - 8 Flint Road open every day from 8am -8pm
  • Leah Shoes – 235A Main Street (clothing & small items)
  • Nanot Ltd – Unit 27 New Harbours open Mon-Fri 9am – 2pm

Collections to be prebooked more than 5 bags or large items

You can contact us on Whatsapp: +350 56003361


Recovery of wood pallets is another way of reducing the waste stream.

By doing this we are helping to save the environment and also aiding in providing with wood a whole community in Senegal.

We recover the pallets and send them to Senegal were they are reused not wasted.♻️

There they are a valuable resource for making Furniture, canopies, reinforcing homes amongst many other uses.

This is another side of the Senegal Appeal upcyling.



  We also collect the  Nautilus Project Beach clean ups waste for recycling ✅